Admiral Associates is a professional and trusted IT service provider dedicated to provide exceptional IT consultancy and training services to businesses in Singapore and across Asia.

Consultancy Services 

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals deliver excellent, up-to-date and economical solutions to meet the advances in business technology for Multinational clients and customers in the Government Sector.


Enjoying Business Success


Multi-Channel Marketing Services

In today's fast paced business environment, having the best product is no longer sufficient! Penetrating Asia markets quickly is key to increasing revenue and profit. To achieve this Admiral Associates helps deploy the latest Digital Marketing products to ensure success.

We work with our clients’ customer data to decipher it and glean intelligent insights to drive a multi-channel customer experience. Each customer journey is unique because it is driven by the data. This results in more highly engaged customers who are increasingly brand loyal and have significantly improved lifetime value.

  • Deciphering vast quantities of customer data, cleaning and consolidating this to drive the customer experience
  • Automating communications, including measuring customer behaviour and using this to trigger a personalised experience
  • Ensuring data is secure and your customer’s privacy is protected

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges register your details and we’ll give you a call within 24 hours to talk through how we can help.

Training Services

A company is as good as its best people. In the best companies, those people are adaptable and innovative. At Admiral we provide corporate training with particular focus on team leading as this is the vital first rung on the management ladder. Many people step into management from technical roles without understanding the key skills needed to excel. Collaborate with us to create leaning solutions that give lasting results.

Do you want to resolve a specific challenge?

  • Improve performance?
  • Transform your organisation?

With us, you and your people will challenge accepted thinking and embrace new skills, through a proven learning approach led by world-class thinkers.