Higher productivity, response time, memory, and focus
Increases levels of employee satisfaction
Lowers absentee rates and incidents of employee burnout
Creates a more positive working environment with less interpersonal conflict
Increases efficiency and profit
Boosts levels of creativity and a clarity of purpose


Lower levels of stress and anxiety
More energy and vitality
Improves self-esteem
Increases focus, memory, and creativity
Improves mental acuity and problem-solving abilities
Improves communication skills and empathy
Contributes to overall health and well-beingBoosts productivity and efficiency

COPRORATE Mindfulness & Meditation - enjoying business Success

Enjoying Business Success


We offer a customized series of tools and techniques tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Each program is designed to be practical and accessible, so your team can integrate the practices we teach with ease. Our offerings include:


Mindfulness at Work (MaW)
      Mindful Resilience for your Business
      Harnessing the Power of Stress
      Mindful Leadership - becoming a mindful mentor
      One to One Leadership Coaching
Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Passes for our SPACE 2B Studio

Admiral is fast becoming the #1 destination for professional mindfulness and meditation services for businesses in Singapore. 

Admiral's team is partnering with the space 2B group of professional coaches and leaders. This strong and experienced partnership enables the possibility for you and your employees to understand concepts that are the essence of mindfulness and meditation. 

Building upon this platform of understanding our team will proceed to detail how these ideas can assist to it improve the quality of both work and life, irrespective of your role within the company. 

Our world-class teaching methodology is practical and pragmatic with the goal of enabling you and your team to become more productive effective. We understand all organizations are unique, our team offers a customized series of tools and techniques carefully tailored to address the unique goals of your organization. Each of our programs is designed to be practical and accessible, so allowing your team to integrate the practices we teach with ease and sustainability.

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Which types of organization benefit from our services?

- where the environmental demands are dynamic, fast-paced, diverse, and changeable

- whose employees regularly encounter stressful conditions and environments, either psychologically or physically

- in the education sector wishing to provide students and employees with skills that will increase their mental and emotional balance, creative autonomy, and ability to process stress and tension effectivelygive lasting results

Stress Reduction: Techniques to tap into your inner reserves of calm, find balance, and let go of stress.
Focus: Learn to hone your attention and build greater concentration.
Clarity: Techniques to still and clear the mind, and respond rather than react.
Engagement: Practices to cultivate the skill of active listening and mindful speaking.
Creativity: Techniques to ignite creativity and spark genius.
Positivity: Meditations to renew and nurture positivity and build happiness.

Balance your team's approach to business to boost productivity and profits
Learn to harness the power of stress, improve focus, and develop resilience
Explore techniques drawn from both scientific research in psychology / neurology and wisdom traditions.